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Here are some common questions about SAN CREATIVES.

1What qualifications do I need to be a part of LSANCREATIVES Design team?

You do not need any qualifications as per se. But a good knowledge of design principles and tools along with a design portfolio would suffice.

2What qualities do you look in a designer while hiring?

SANCREATIVES believes in hiring good character and that skills can be taught. You have to be a team player, respectful and honest individual to be able to pass the base criteria. However, the knowledge of design tools and proficiency of design fundamentals is also a prerequisite.

3What questions should we come prepared for in a design interview?

We would like to know about you, who are you as a person. Along with that, we will ask you to explain the design process and justification of the design elements used during your task phase.

4Do you work with Freelancers?

No, we do not work with the freelancers. we only work with the in-house fulltime employees who abide by the company’s non-disclosure agreements. All our projects are under strict NDA and to protect and honor our client's privacy and IP rights.

5Do you provide Internships?

No, We are not currently offering internship programs.

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