Services; The word implies on the deliverable.

As in all businesses we are focused at easing things out for our clients. The in depth understanding of the needs of our engager and working on lines with the same leads to a satisfactory delivery of intended results.


Target customers for your business are identified through our extensive Research and further move to zero down on five top goals set to accomplish. We then determine a perfect branding strategy and also create a sitemap to route our goals. Performing keyword research is our second nature.

We love what we do


Visual design for Websites and Apps program / sync / Integrations of Product Design / Services offered and Testing of functional excellence, defines our Development section.

Our design team implements ideas from physical / real time objects / images / concepts / themes into virtuality. San adopts such systems to enhance positioning and to create a targeted impact on the viewer.

We love what we do


Being a software development company, San gives you an edge over most modern and updated technical devices. Play store and App store (Android & iOS), both give you apps, we develop Apps to suit your requirement and enable them with key requisite features, empowering your business.

San Creatives also indulge in Angular, a Javascript based web framework, that helps in overcoming challenges of developing single page applications. React too holds a good positioning in our rack, to help us build UIs’, best handling the view layer on the web and in mobile apps.

We love what we do


Having spoken of our technical enterprise we would also throw some light on our Marketing expertise. San Creatives being a creative agency and software development company, has identified the scope and always known the potential of effective web based marketing tools.

Identification and implementation of conventional & up trend Digital Marketing strategies occupy large spaces close to our launch pad and very often see take offs of business successes most effectively. Not rocket science, just Creation and Application, though.

We love what we do

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